Re: Closure of Firm

We write to inform you that Heer Manak Solicitors will be closing its practice as from the 27th December 2013. The Firm have unfortunately been unable to secure a competitive rate of Professional Indemnity Insurance, which would be economically viable to enable the Firm to continue to trade as Heer Manak Solicitors.

Current Client files
As from the 27th December 2013, we will not be able to continue any more work on your behalf in relation to your current matter. To this extent we are obliged to advise you to seek an alternative Firm of Solicitors to whom we will arrange for your file to be transferred to. Details of local Solicitors Firms together with their respective specialism’s can be found on the website of the Law Society, If you do not have access to the internet we will provide a list of alternative Solicitors in the area on request. .

Requests for the transfer of files to a different Solicitor, whether a current or archived must be made by your new Solicitors and a Form of Authority must be completed by you to transfer the file to your new Solicitors. You would need to discharge all outstanding professional fees and disbursements, so we can proceed to transfer your file. In certain circumstances, arrangements can be made with your new nominated Solicitors for any repayment of any outstanding fees. Any money held by the Firm will be transferred to your new Solicitor or returned to you .

If you are legally aided your new nominated Solicitor will also need to make an application with the Legal Aid Agency for the transfer of the Certificate. In all cases where you are legally aided or indemnified by any Insurance Legal Cover, the file cannot be released directly to you.

Old/Archived files
These files will remain in our current storage facility until they are destroyed pursuant to SRA regulations. You may of course collect these from us if you wish.

Whilst the Firm will close practice on 27th December 2013, we will however continue to manage the closure of the practice from 434 Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV6 5JX, England, all correspondence shall continue to be addressed to 434 Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV6 5JX, England. Mr Manak will remain contactable on or telephone 02476 100300 and our website will retain other contact information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Manak at these offices.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support and loyalty and wish you the best outcome in your matter.

High street cull as 136 firms disappear

17 January 2014 By John Hyde
The Solicitors Regulation Authority has confirmed the names of 136 firms which closed because they did not secure professional indemnity insurance.
The firms had entered the Extended Policy Period after 1 October and were given 90 days to secure cover, or face immediate closure on or before 29 December. Advertisement
The list includes Grants Solicitors of Croydon, the firm set up by the former justice minister Helen Grant and Alastair J Brett of London, the firm set up by the former legal director at The Times newspaper. In all, 23 of the closed firms are in London.
In Liverpool, listed casualties include conveyancing and PI firm JST Lawyers, which had 20 fee-earners.
According to the regulator, 'In the majority of cases the firms closed in an orderly manner, dealing appropriately with client files and monies.' The SRA said a 'small number' of firms failed to close properly and are subject to ongoing 'robust' action.
In a statement this afternoon, The Law Society stressed that the SRA's list would have been longer but for the introduction of the EIP, for which Chancery Lane lobbied. A small number of firms failed to close properly and are subject to robust action, it added.
President Nicholas Fluck said: 'There will be a number of reasons why firms have closed and some of these will have been positive decisions by the partners involved. However, thanks to the EIP many firms were able to find insurance and continue practising.
'In addition to lobbying for the EIP, the Society offered support and guidance to firms facing closure, a process which can be very distressing. We also urged the SRA to manage closures in an orderly fashion.
'Ultimately, the requirement for PII is a major public protection measure, Last year's experience of the failure of the insurer Balva, which left many firms without insurance, brought home the importance for firms to be confident of the stability of their insurer.'
Frank Maher, partner for Liverpool firm Legal Risk, said the fear is now that the 2014 renewal period will be even tougher for smaller firms.
'I had two calls this morning from firms who got over the last renewal despite problems but now have other claims issues to contend with and fear they will not survive again.
'One or more insurers who were there this time may be there for October, but I am concerned they will not be there for much beyond that. Concerns have been expressed to me in the market about two in particular.'
According to the SRA, the firms closed are as follows:

A J Bond & Co, Bromley (Kent)
A K Law Chamber, East Ham
Aaskells Solicitors and Advocates, Southgate
Addie & Co, Covent Garden
Advocates Solicitors, Ilford
Affinity Solicitors Ltd, Milton Keynes
AH Law, London
AHM Law Ltd, Surbiton
Alan Smeath & Co, Milton Keynes
Alastair Brett, London
Andersons, Croydon
Andersons (inc Stephen Webb & Co), Eye
Andrew M Higgs & Co, Haslemere
Arona Sarwar LLP, London
Asuelime Solicitors, Manchester
Atharva & Co LLP, Portsmouth
B E Solicitors, Manchester
B K Ellis & Co
BA Solicitors, Birmingham
Bailey & Bailey, Middlesbrough
Barwise & Co Solicitors, St Helens
Bernard Cordell, London
Blackstone Law Limited, Manchester
Bower Harris, Manchester
Brooks & Associates Solicitors LLP, Birmingham
CA Law, Doncaster
Castle legal LLP, Maidstone
Cato & Temple, Nottingham
Chris Dickens, Scunthorpe
City Law Solicitors, Cardiff
Cole & Co, Norwich
Cooper Ford, Wilmslow
Cope’s, Kings Mympton
Crangle Edwards Solicitors, Cheadle
Cray Valley Solicitors Limited, Orpington
D Fisher & Co, Borough Green
Dale R Walker, Sevenoaks
David W Beech Solicitor, London
Dennis Brown Solicitors, Colchester
Devers & Co Solicitors, Leeds
Diamond Solicitors Limited, Whitechapel
Duncan Moghal Solicitors & Advocates, Newport (Gwent)
Edward Daniel, London
EOS Law, Manchester
Epitome Law, Cambridge
Exlex Solicitors, Birmingham
Farmer Miller Nathan Gordon, Edgeware
Fruhman Davies Livingstone, Manchester
FWD Law Limited, Newport (Gwent)
Gavins Solicitors, London
Gershon & Goldstein, London
Goldsworth Solicitors, Tottenham
Graham Bash & Co, London
Grants Solicitors, Croydon
Guy & Hinton, York
Guy C Littler, London
Hacking Ashton, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Hadley Law Associates LLP, Barnet
Harris Cartier Limited, London
Heer Manak Solicitors, Coventry
Henshaw Solicitors, Milton Keynes
Hermeling Solicitors, Bromley (Kent)
Hilliers HRW Solicitors LLP, Bedford
Hills Solicitors Limited, Bolton
Hoganco, Guildford
I A Morcowitz, Hove
I R Gannicott, Cheltenham
Ian Cowie, Guisborough
ICS Solicitors, Thornton Heath
Jacobs Solicitors, East Ham
Jacobsens, Brentford
Jacqueline Goodlad, Cockermouth
Jeanette M Silburn, Alresford (Hampshire)
Jeremy Jones, Crawley Down
Jinnah Solicitors LLP, Uxbridge
John & Co Solicitors, London
John Halson Solicitors, Liverpool
John Morley & Company, Gillingham
John Neville & Co, London
Johnson & Clarence LLP, London
JST Lawyers, Liverpool
Kelly & Co, Leeds
KKS Solicitors, Croydon
Krish Solicitors, Southall
L Sharma & Panaawala Solicitors, Ilford
Lancasters, Bridlington
Law Management, London
Lawvue Solicitors, Isleworth
LeeLanes Solicitors LLP, London
Li & Co Solicitor, London
Louis Sssekkono Solicitors, Northwood (Middlesex)
Lumsdons Solicitors LLP, Stourport on Severn
M & S Legal, Knutsford
M J O’Donoghue & Co, Epping
Matthew John Green, Horsham
Megsons Personal Injury Ltd, Bradford
Nelson Nichols, Portsmouth
Nelsons, Tenterden
Nicholas & Co, Kings Heath
Nicholas Hart Solicitors, Horsham
Niman & Co, London
Northfield Solicitors, Rochdale
Patrick Newman & Co, Lewes
Peters & Company Solicitors, Harlow
R S Gough & Co, Wolverhampton
Rafiq Partnership Solicitors Co Limited, Leeds
RB Partnership Solicitors, London
Richardson & Co Solicitors LLP, Leeds
Robin F Clarke & Co, Gravesend
Robinsons, Liverpool
Rock Solicitors, Wembley
Ronald Butler, Camborne
Sampson & Co, Redditch
Saunders Bearman LLP, London
Savages Solicitors, Corbridge
Schneider Page, Aldgate
Sheehans, Neath
Simon Bergin, Stockport
Sweetmans Solicitors Limited, Whitchurch
T P Glover Packington
Taylor Legal Limited, Crewe
Teo & Co Solicitors, London
The Compensation Clinic, Ashford (Kent)
Thomas Milner & Co, Ely
Towells Solicitors, Wakefield
Trevor Lyttleton, London
Trinity Solicitors LLP, London
Vaughan & Co, Leeds
W & J Solicitors, Romford
Waldegraves, London
Werenowski Solicitors, Colchester
White Solicitors, Bingley
Widdows Mason, Leigh (Lancashire)
Wood-Atkins Commercial Law, Aylesbury
WP Solicitors, Newcastle